April-June Secrets!

“I injured my foot 2 years ago which eventually caused a knee injury that hasn’t gone away. I’ve seen several doctors and tried physical therapy. Nothing seems to work. I’m falling more and more into a deep depression. Exercising helped me combat my depression and anxiety for years. It’s always been my shield. But now, I can’t to run or do anything aerobic without being pain. I just got laid off, physical ailments, and a dramatic experience with an ex. This year hasn’t produced anything positive thus far. I haven’t felt this low in a long time. My mind is going into dark places.”

“I’ve accomplished a lot in life, but I don’t think I’ll ever beat my scalp picking addiction.”

“I think most people who say they’re my friends just feel sorry for me because they think I’m weird.”


April Secrets!

Anyone ever get the feeling of:

‘Hey mom and dad I wanna do these great things!’

‘Well that’s great, we support you. But you shouldnt do that, you should do this.’

Apparently I can’t live my dreams, I have to live the dreams they want me to dream. I also think it’s horse-shit.



“I pretend that I love what I’m doing but I really just do it all to prove a point.”


My biological dad pretty much made it apparent that he didn’t think I would amount to anything and was a complete failure because I smoked weed. (Which is only because he smokes weed and never did anything). He kicked me out a longtime ago, and he doesn’t even know this but I’m in college again. I’m an anthropology major. I plan to get my masters. I have STRAIGHT A’S. And before every test I get as high as possible. In 3 out of 4 of my classes I have the best grade. Am I a failure still, daddy?”


I don’t greet people first because I don’t want to exist.”


“After three months of applying and getting rejected, I finally got a job offer. Now, I don’t feel like I deserve it.”

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a happy and safe New Years Eve! Today I did as I do every year, and I made my resolutions and posted them to my wall as a constant reminder to keep them going all year. If any of you have resolutions or stories from 2013 to share, please do! I’d love to hear and share them. I wish you all the best for 2014!

Love, Sarah.


2014 resolutions


Three years of resolutions

October Secrets!

“I’ve read just about all the secrets since they first came out. I’ve seen some interesting admissions. I don’t really care to judge cause quite frankly I’m sick of being judged by people too. I just want to be friends with you all. Have a nice day.”


“I feel like all of my relationships I have with people are toxic. Full of either really great times or really awful times. Nothing in the middle. I think it’s time for a change, the only question is will I be able to let go?”


Ever since I hit 21 everyone seems to have forgotten that I had bulimia and now everyone chalks up my eating habits and throwing up to being hungover all the time. Now everyone just thinks I’m an alcoholic, which is much more acceptable apparently.”


“I messed everything up. Almost 4 years has passed.  But I can’t let you go in my heart, my mind.  I miss you more every day even though I talk to you every day. But you have moved on & I pretend I am ok with it.  But it hurts & I cry a little bit every day hoping eventually the pain will subside & no more tears will fall.

I love you and Im sorry.”


“As much as I hate you, I still think about you and wonder what things would be like if we were still together.”


“Sometimes, I secretly wish while I’m driving that I’ll get in an accident just to see who actually comes to visit me at the hospital.”


“I cheated on you and I’ve never forgiven myself for that. I broke up with you because I couldn’t stand the guilt, and I still can’t. It’s been three years, and I still wonder if we would still be together if I hadn’t fucked it all up.”


“I keep telling everyone that I’m better, but I contemplate suicide all the time.”


“I miss the guy of my dreams <3”


“I move a lot from state to state unfortunately and recently I moved away from someone I really care about and now I can’t stop thinking about her. Every night I have nightmares of her dyeing and it being my fault. It’s overwhelming and I don’t want to tell her because I’m scared she will forget our promise.”


“I cancelled a meeting today so I could tan on the mall. I probably should feel bad, but I really don’t!”

September Secrets!

“I wish I could fall in love.”


“We haven’t been dating long, but I know right now that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”


“YOU are my ex. YOU told me what to wear, how to be, and made me feel guilty for being anything close to attractive. I’m with someone else now, who actually treats me right. But today, I was nice to a guy and he got the wrong message and grabbed at me, tried to feel me up. I told him I loved the man I was with now and he accepted that and left. After he did, I cried so hard. I felt so guilty. I called my boyfriend, no answer. I texted him EVERY detail about what happened. And I’m still waiting for him to call back (he’s most likely asleep).

After such a long relationship with YOU I don’t know how to have a healthy one. I LOVE THIS MAN I AM WITH NOW, but still your rules and judgments haunt me every day. I don’t want him to leave me, so I still find myself following your rules, even if I know that HE is way less judgmental, and so much more loving than you. I escaped you physically, how do I escape you mentally?”


“Have you ever thought about ending it all? Because things aren’t going your way? Me too.  Ending it all is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem! Don’t do it! Someone somewhere would never be the same if you did!

Shit had been incredibly rough for me lately, had those same thoughts. Take a breath, relax, knock out or of those problems at a time, and you’ll be ok. Doesn’t hurt to pray about it either.


A guy who has even down quite the hellacious road lately-BUT- is surviving and overcoming to Succeed!”

August Secrets!

“I am a female.

I have a significant other.

We have sex often… most people think too often.

He doesn’t know that I run a sex blog on tumblr… I feel guilty, but I need somewhere for me to be me without judgment. I do not think he would judge me poorly… but I don’t want him to get upset with anonymous submissions I receive from other guys… and girls too. I don’t enjoy the random submissions, but its nice to know that people out there are comfortable with their bodies and willing to share it with the rest of the world… also that they are just as guilty as me for looking at the scandalous photos I reblog. I wouldn’t ever post photos of myself. I couldn’t do that to my boyfriend… but I still like to run the blog. It’s ok in my eyes to be a little naughty behind closed doors.”


“If you consider me your own daughter, why don’t you treat me like one of your REAL kids? Even your wife has pointed out that I don’t get the same ‘preferential’ treatment. Your kids get cars paid for them, I’m told I have to pay for it myself. You can pay for my sister’s apartment, but you talk to me about how much you want to charge me for living in you basement? When do I get to be your daughter, dad? When did you decide I wasn’t?”

July Secrets!

“All I can say is I was just trying to keep the peace. And all you wanted to do was blame me for everything instead of actually confronting the right people about how you felt. And now here we are… with you telling me we can no longer be friends because I was trying to include you. So now I am here… feeling hurt and confused.”


“Dear Mom,

I hate you. I know we are like “BFF’s 4-Eva” or whatever you want to call it, but I think you are the most immature and selfish middle-aged woman I have ever met. You weren’t supposed to be my friend, you were supposed to be my mother. Now that I’m in my 20s you want to try to have a say in what I do? You want to talk to me about how “you’re my mother and you worry”? You think I believe that you’re on the straight and narrow now? You’re a horrible liar, you always have been, but I’m not. That’s why I can smile and laugh when I see your face. That’s why I can tell you I love you. But I’ll lie till the day you die, make you feel like you have that daughter you always thought you had. But sorry mom, you killed that girl a long time ago.”


“I’ve tried to kill myself multiple times. It kills me that my family doesn’t know. It kills me that my sorority sisters don’t know. But probably more than anything, it kills me that of the couple of people that know, only one is someone who hasn’t broken my heart.”


“I know I harp on this subject every year, but 7 years ago today, I sliced my Achilles tendon on my right ankle- straight up in 2. Cast for 2 months, walking boot for 1, physical therapy for 3, and I still occasionally/rarely walk funny because of it (mini limp/gimp). It just makes me wonder what I could have done in life if it weren’t for that major setback. Truly thankful for the small things in life.”


“I really like the way things are going between us, you seem to be perfect and your so sweet. However, when you finally hear my story, my history….I doubt you’ll stick around.”