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Here is where the magic happens.

Your name and email are *no longer* required to send in a secret (hooray, technology), but you may do so if you wish.

If you have a specific question, comment, concern or just want me to reply, make sure that the e-mail you enter is valid. If it’s not, I have no way of contacting you back.

No matter what, your identity is safe with me.




  1. I secretly dated you in high school when your parents forbid you to see anyone. I was so happy with you, but near the end of the year we fell apart. The last time we spoke was when I gradated. You went on to be a total hypocrite of everything you believed in and I hate so much of what you’ve become, yet I still think constantly about the times we had. I miss them so much and I don’t think I’ll ever feel tthat again.

  2. Thank you! I hope to hear a response from you, even if my message doesn’t need immediate help. Perhaps in the future it might even be good to be able to post encouraging comments on other people posts- like ” you can do it! Don’t be afraid to tell her you think she’s beautiful!” or books we might suggest that would help the person sort through his/her problems that may have helped us in the past…

  3. It must be, because there are a lot that I can’t see anymore, like the one obout the girl who had the miscarriage, or the one where the girl who plays skyrim thanked the other poster. Maybe it’s just my computer.

  4. Hopefully I will find the man of my dreams. My soul mate. My Bestfriend. My lover. My king. The man who keeps me on my toes and makes me want to win. The man who keeps me warm inside and out. The man who makes me afraid to lose him. The man like no other I’ve had before. Who can please me sexually but not disgust me. Who can nuture me and enlighten my mind with soft candle light and fill my nose with sweet soft smelling fumes. I need him to take over me but not take full control. I need to feel like a baby in your arms. I want to feel like I’m your partner in crime, your bonnie, my clyde. Make me feel like life is worth living. Fill those empty gaps, make me feel like music. To my heart, to my soul, to my spot. I want it to feel set to you. I want her to lust for you when she senses you’re near. I want my heart to love you. I want my mind to respect you. I want my body to overthrow you. 

  5. I love my boyfriend dearly. He is kind hearted and loves me with all of his heart. He treats me so good and will do almost anything for me. There is one thing tjat I’ve been noticing though, I think he is retarded. Some of my family members noticed it and I am now picking up on little things that I might have overlooked during the honeymoon stages of our relationship. It is now beginning to agitate and frustrate me to the point where I am calling him a fucking retard in my head. It is also beginning to become embarrassing whenever we hang put with friends of my family. He just tends to say things that makes everyone look at him like “Wtf”. I don’t know what to do. =\

  6. ever since we first talked on the first day of second semester, i had a feeling that we’d end up together, i dont know why. At first it was interesting, how you toyed with me, making me confused, and being different from all the other girls at school. And ever since, its been extremely difficult to even have a remote idea of whats on your mind, and its even worse now that we dont necessarily talk anymore… I cant bring my self to talk to you, have lunch with you, stay after school with you, walk home with you. Whenever i try to text you, you ignore me half the time, and yet, somehow, i still like you. im too chickenshit to make a move, and i get butterflies just by seeing you. This hasnt only happened with you, i actually find it ridiculuously difficult to talk to girls i like. all this time, i’ve been sure that you like me too, even through al the confusion. but recently, over the past few days, you seem pissed off or bothered by something, even though you might not be, im afraid of approaching you when you are like this in the morning. hopefully when i overcome my difficulty with talking to girls i like ( i seriously hope its soon, we’re growing too far apart now) that you still like me. until then, i want to still be able to talk with you. If you do like me too, try to show me somehow, because im truely clueless…. AO

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