July Secrets!

“Lately I keep having recurring dreams of being back at Maryland. It’s been 3 years since I graduated. I think I feel a bit of regret of how I did things. I didn’t do too well especially in the beginning. I had undiagnosed PTSD from having cancer as a child along with crippling social anxiety, ADD, plus other problems from having cancer. I eventually got help. While it’s been tough but I’m as happy and productive as I’ve ever been. I’m now a masters student at Johns Hopkins. I just wanna say don’t be afraid to get help. Stigmas of mental illness are slowly but surely changing. Hopefully one day I don’t have to feel the need to say this as a secret. As always have a nice day and GO TERPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“At first this hurt, but at least now I know who my real friends are.”


“I’ve been without my ex for two years, moved on with a new guy totally happy. I got stuck in a conversation with my ex’s mom. He misses me. He knows he messed up. He loves me still. Honestly, I thought I was over him, hearing he wants me still makes me take two leaps backwards. Do I still love you? I don’t know.”


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