April Secrets!

Anyone ever get the feeling of:

‘Hey mom and dad I wanna do these great things!’

‘Well that’s great, we support you. But you shouldnt do that, you should do this.’

Apparently I can’t live my dreams, I have to live the dreams they want me to dream. I also think it’s horse-shit.



“I pretend that I love what I’m doing but I really just do it all to prove a point.”


My biological dad pretty much made it apparent that he didn’t think I would amount to anything and was a complete failure because I smoked weed. (Which is only because he smokes weed and never did anything). He kicked me out a longtime ago, and he doesn’t even know this but I’m in college again. I’m an anthropology major. I plan to get my masters. I have STRAIGHT A’S. And before every test I get as high as possible. In 3 out of 4 of my classes I have the best grade. Am I a failure still, daddy?”


I don’t greet people first because I don’t want to exist.”


“After three months of applying and getting rejected, I finally got a job offer. Now, I don’t feel like I deserve it.”


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