February Secrets!

“I was raped a few years ago and I’ve never told my current boyfriend that. I always kept it hidden, even from myself. But then last night while I was in bed with my boyfriend, all of the memories came flooding back to me and it kept all of me from bursting into tears. I don’t know where that came from or why it happened, but I hope I doesn’t happen again.”


“I have the perfect girlfriend. Without a shadow of a doubt. I have concluded that regardless of who I date/ form a relationship with, that I will never be happy. Fuck if i know why either. So here’s to my liver…*cling*…because fuck it, I Quit. Here’s to she is so better than I deserve. By far. Here’s to me fucking it up at some point, just wait for it. Here’s to back to the single life of downward spiraling into loneliness. I can’t win. Ever. Here’s to alcohol. Cheers!”


“I use guys to feel good about myself. Meaning if a guy doesn’t like me i feel worthless and my self-esteem plummets, and if a guy is into me i feel happy and content with myself. I currently feel like a worthless piece of shit because the guy I was talking to ended it out of the blue. I need to figure out how to find happiness within myself instead of relying on men but I don’t know how. That seems impossible.”


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