December Secrets!

“I make up excuses to get out of things all the time, and I feel terrible about it. I’m trying to stop, but I’m a perpetual liar and it’s been so difficult for me to break the habit. I don’t know how to help myself get past this.”


“We both know I’ve had more experience than you sexually. Me being the girlfriend, I know that probably bugs you. I wish I could tell you that when you and I are together intimately it’s the only time I’ve ever felt that loved, that appreciated. You just look at me like … I’m the only one you’d ever want to be with, and nobody had ever looked at me like that.”


“My friend is completely settling.  She’s afraid of being alone so she settled with someone she didn’t think would hurt her.  He is definitely below her league.  She could do so much better.  Deep down I don’t think she’s really happy.  I just don’t have the heart to tell her what everyone is thinking.”


“I gave a guy head for money before. I was a drug addict and single at the time. Now I’m clean and dating the man of my dreams and life is going so well. I’m just afraid you are going to realize I used to be a whore and leave me.”


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