September Secrets!

“I wish I could fall in love.”


“We haven’t been dating long, but I know right now that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”


“YOU are my ex. YOU told me what to wear, how to be, and made me feel guilty for being anything close to attractive. I’m with someone else now, who actually treats me right. But today, I was nice to a guy and he got the wrong message and grabbed at me, tried to feel me up. I told him I loved the man I was with now and he accepted that and left. After he did, I cried so hard. I felt so guilty. I called my boyfriend, no answer. I texted him EVERY detail about what happened. And I’m still waiting for him to call back (he’s most likely asleep).

After such a long relationship with YOU I don’t know how to have a healthy one. I LOVE THIS MAN I AM WITH NOW, but still your rules and judgments haunt me every day. I don’t want him to leave me, so I still find myself following your rules, even if I know that HE is way less judgmental, and so much more loving than you. I escaped you physically, how do I escape you mentally?”


“Have you ever thought about ending it all? Because things aren’t going your way? Me too.  Ending it all is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem! Don’t do it! Someone somewhere would never be the same if you did!

Shit had been incredibly rough for me lately, had those same thoughts. Take a breath, relax, knock out or of those problems at a time, and you’ll be ok. Doesn’t hurt to pray about it either.


A guy who has even down quite the hellacious road lately-BUT- is surviving and overcoming to Succeed!”


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