January Secrets!

“A friend of mine stayed with me at my parents recently while he was working on a project. Everyone thought he was my boyfriend–even the cashier at the service station. I have had a little crush on him–a very little. But now I can’t stop thinking about him being my boyfriend. Impossible, stupid situation. It will never happen. Why do I get this way about guys who would never get this way about me?”


“I’m disabled. I stopped going to college when it started, never was able to learn to drive, and now I live and work at home. I never leave my house. Half my time is spent in bed. My friends have dwindled down to a few and I feel like I’m losing everything. I don’t want to be alone forever. I don’t want to live like this. The rest of my family is perfectly fine and healthy, why the hell did I pull the short straw. I would rather be dead, but unfortunately this disability won’t kill me, it’s just going to ruin my life to the point I want to kill myself.”


“Silver linings playbook made me cry because tiffany reminded me of myself.”


“I push away the people who care about me the most because I’m afraid of hurting them. Instead, I try so hard to be close with people who don’t want me back, and end up getting hurt myself. I hate that I do this to both others and myself. I can never trust myself to do the right thing.”


“I have never felt like Eponine from Les Miserables, or been in a situation like hers, but every time I hear the song “On My Own,” something stirs in my heart and I’m moved to tears.





“I been sick for so long, but you always bring me through it. You don’t know how much you’ve helped me. I’m getting my life back together slowly, and I can finally be happy again. Thank you.

But I know we can’t do this forever. Something is going to have to change soon. I don’t want to have to say goodbye, but it seems like you are forcing me to.”


“I might be two years younger than all of you but you’re completely undervaluing the importance of acting your age. I haven’t seen such cattiness since middle school, and I really wish that were an exaggeration. At least thanks to you I’ve learned the importance of relying on myself. If I’ve learned anything since I got here it’s that this is every man for himself. You may have your crowd of followers now, but we’re not in high school anymore and that shit won’t fly for long. Once they realize what a shitty person you are they’ll turn on you like you did on me. Enjoy your 15 minutes, bitch.”


“Does anyone else feel this way?



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