ALERT THE PRESS: False alarm.

Have no fear, the College Park Cuddler is a phony. (I mean, not the real one. Just the one who sent me a secret.)

I JUST received a message from the same name and e-mail saying, “I was the one who made up the College Park cuddler secret. It was a joke. I’m a stupid college kid. Get over it.”

Phew, glad that’s over. I had no idea that was going to cause such a scene.

I was pretty certain that it was not a serious threat to begin with, however over 68% of people who voted in the poll wanted me to report it to authorities. Initially, I took it as a joke and was planning to take it lightly, but I was almost immediately contacted by someone saying that it was something that needed to be reported.

I was getting really mixed responses on what people thought that I should do, which is why I added the poll. If a majority of people were honestly that concerned about it, I really would not have been left with much of a choice but to report it to officials.

Let this be a lesson: DON’T BE STUPID, GUYS. Things like this can really frighten people and cause a lot of controversy.

Thanks for coming forward and not wasting more of my and everyone else’s time.



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