Just a quick shout out…

To whoever sent me this: “I want to help all of you so bad. You’re not alone. I’m with you. You’re special and loved. You don’t deserve to feel so sad and lonely and scared. I’m thinking about you.”

I really hope you see this post.

Thank you so much. Kind words can really go a long way to the people who need them the most. It is encouraging to me, and I’m sure to many others, that there are great people like you in the world.

Keep the positive attitude. I know you are a great friend and role model to many people.

I am also sure you’ve touched and changed many lives. For this I applaud you, and encourage you to keep up this mentality, and continue to spread your inspiring words.

Thanks again. It meant a lot to me that someone cares about the people who post on here the way that I do, and that I could help share this with the people who seem to need it the most, including myself.

Best wishes.


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