TerpSecret event and site changes

Hey guys, as you might have noticed, I made a couple of changes on here. I changed the “I’ll keep you, my dirty little secret” tab to “Send Me A Secret!”. It’s still the same thing; I honestly only changed the name because I am kind of OCD, and when I added the  new tab about post cards it stuck it onto a separate line, and I thought that looked dumb… so I changed the name of the secrets tab to make it smaller. No big deal.

ALSO, GO CLICK ON THE “Someone handed me a TerpSecret post card…” TAB. It’s full of info about the Stomp Out the Stigma and TerpSecret event Active Minds at Maryland group (and I) are doing. It’s cool stuff, seriously.

Final note: send in more secrets. You’re all being shy, and I don’t appreciate that.

Alright, I’m done. Have a nice day. 🙂


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